Thursday, 20 October 2011

Complete step – by -step guide to make money online via Google adsence

A guide to make money online via Google adsence

I name this blog the Google adsence course. All visitors to this blog are highly welcome, the only qualification required to continue this course is the readiness to make money online.
Objective of this course: is to teach any one, whether internet guru or newbie provided you can brows and send emails then you have acquired all the computer skills needed to start raking income online on completion of this course.
Every steps or methods discussed on this coursed are proven and still working and will continue to work. These proven steps had been used to make $100 per day online. So relax study and take action by doing what the course teaches and you too will start making $100 per day from a single website.

What is Google adsence: Google adsence simply means the ad links from business who advertise with Google that when people click on it Google get paid and certain percentage payable to the webmaster (the owner of web site) where the ad links were displayed and got click.

Advantages of Adsense: So first of all, if you're not all that familiar with Adsense, I want to just very briefly tell you why I like it and who I think it's best for before I get
Into my strategy.
For one, with Adsense you have pretty much
Zero customer support headaches.
You don't need a product.
You don't need to provide a service.

So you can get started very quickly. All you need is a site if you think website is too expensive then you can start with free blog platforms like blogger .com and preferably and tested okay for making money online. As for the before you can make money from it you have to purchase your domain name from them with $17 for a year and these free blogging platforms are easy to manage than website were css and other programming skills are not needed. And some is content (again, just 10 pages to start with works fine) these content are needed to attract profitable ad links from Google when visitors on your blog click on those ad links you earn income.

The process to visitors to your websites is called traffic. Then you'll need to generate traffic. 
 To be continue in next post.

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