Sunday, 23 October 2011

The proven steps to that make money online through google adsense.

let me teach you the proven steps to that make money online through google adsense.

Google is a big website on the internet, is one of the most popular website used all over the world. Google now worth billions of dollars if the owner wishes to sell it and is still going up. Due to the popularity of this website many business owners are using it as a medium to get there products known to the world and their locality.
Is a powerful means to make more money online as a business owner by advertising on the website? They have varieties of advert among them is adword  which is my main purpose of writing this article to teach you how you can make money from it as a blogger, even if you have not start blogging, I am going to teach you all you need to know about blogging.
What is Adword: this is a process of advertising on google where by the advertisers (those business owners who want to make their products and services known to the consumers) place there ads on google so that any one doing search on google can see their products and services. And they are charged when somebody click on the ads.
What is Google adsense: this is a network program created by google to enable blogger and websites owners on whose blog page ads from Google is displayed when clicked by web surfers. When a blogger apply for Google adsense, Google will then display ads on the blog and if any one search for information saw the ads in the process and then click on the ads link then Google will pay a certain amount into then account of the blogger.
You can see, is not difficult to make money online via Google adsense, just create a blog put some great articles on that can attract high paying ads links so that you can earn huge income. 
The following are the proven steps to make cool cash online from adsense:
Step 1: choose a niche. The one you are familiar with and have passion for is the best so that you can write great article about it.
Step 2: do keyword research about it. This will enable you to use the right keyword in your article to increase your ranking on search engines and visitors as well.
Step 3: build a keyword list. Choose some of the keyword type it on Google search to see if there is disposal income on it. Also check if cost per click is up to $1 by using                                                 and you can also get keywords from the same website.
Step 4: create a website and install blog place image very close to ads link. You can use free blog platform like and host your blog.
Step 5: build traffic to your website. There are several ways you can do this, some of them are search engine optimization, social network blogs forum etc.
Please, visit this blog for the next post as I will be teaching how to operate the outlined steps. 

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