Thursday, 27 October 2011

Create a website/blog make money online free – adsense.

Create a website/blog make money online free – adsense. make $100 per day from adsense is easy.

To make $100 a day from adsense is not a rocket science. You just have  to know how to create website/blog that get the click which I will be teaching in this article so relax and study this article carefully but be ready to take action as it determine how much money you can make online. Free blog platform like   is great place to start creating your blog. It those not required html skill and is very easy create blog on it.
Whether you are using free blog platform or your own paid website to host your blog the point is that the ways you create your blog have a powerful effect on amount of money you make online from adsense
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When it comes to make money online from adsense, adsense placement matters a lot and this is a function of how you create your website/blog.
How to position your ads links very important because if they are not well placed you may have any click no matter the number of visited.
Come to think of it the main reason you create your blog and sign up for adsense is to make money on the internet.  I will would want to emphasis on this adsense placement since is like one of the vital thing any one who want to make money from adsense should know.
The following are the steps to take:
After the title of your blog then write two or one sentence about your article
Place your ad block below the two sentences about your article. There are different sizes of ad block but is not all that perform well. The proven well perform ad block is the rugged 250 x 250 big rectangle.
The text color of your ad block is also very important as some people believe in using some color when doing search. The blue headline, black body text and ash link.
Put image relating to your article by the ad block.
If you are using free blog platform arrange your blog in this manner.
 Put 250x250 ad block  
After you title write one or two sentence about your article.
Then put image next to the sentence.
You can also put ad block by the side it should not be 250x250 but make it look nice.

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