Sunday, 23 October 2011

How to choose niche build profitable keyword list that make money online fast from google adsense

you can really make money online fast via google adsense if the below method are well implemented.

To make money online fast from google adsense the individual or organization have to own a blog. A blog is like a diary containing information about something, events, business etc. better still a blog  means to publish information online that teach, explain or tell story that is beneficial to the reader who come across it online through friends referring or surfing the internet for information. Blogs are usually written around a particular niche. Niches are category of words to which a particular keyword or phrase belongs.
The following are some of niches:
art and entertainment.
beting system
computer/ internet
e-business/ e- marketing

these are just few of them get more at clickbank market place.
Google adsense is a program from google that allows bloggers to make money online fast by displaying ads link from adwords on there blog. Is not all keywords that earn high income from adword some keywords do not have ads link therefore can not earn income. Then the need to build a profitable keyword list now arise which is the main purpose I write this article to teach people how to choose a profitable keywords.
There are three great steps to choose profitable keywords:
1.       Check if there is a residual income for the keyword. This is not as difficult as it sound all you need to do is log onto and type the keyword into the search box which will now display varieties of websites then look at the right side you will see small  page on it  written sponsor links. See if the web sites there are not less than four (4) this show it have residual income.
2.       Check if the keyword has high demand. This is very simple just log onto a website called keyword search tool, some paid while some are free like When the page displays follow the instructions then type your niche. This will in turn open a page in tabular form with headings Keywords, Monthly search and local Monthly search. As high as the monthly search is so high the demand.
3.         Check the cost per click (cpc). This is amount payable to blogger  when some click on the ads. This is done by logging onto follow the instruction and type the keyword into the space provide for it and amount of your choice probably $10 into space provide for cpc and then about $100 into space provide for daily budget. A table will display showing the cpc, daily budget and others. Then check if the cpc is up to $1 and about not less than $1.  
When all the three criteria are met then those that have gone through that are profitable keywords arrange in your own prefer order on a list.  Then   profitable keyword list has been built.
Other means that you can easily make money online fast is cost per action CPA. You can start now by clicking the link below.
If you need my assistance, you can write on the comment of this blog that you need me to teach you how to make money online via google adsense and affiliate marketing.

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